Thursday, July 09, 2009

James, 6 Months

It is hard to believe that it is happening so fast, but I guess there's no way around the fact that this little guy is growing up. He is babbling up a storm and I am entertained by the frequent changes in pitch and cadence as he searches for his voice. He is no longer content to sit still and dealing with him proves, on most occasions, to be not unlike a wrestling match with a baby alligator. He is grabbing everything and immediately moves whatever object he was lucky enough to snag into his mouth. He is still enjoying multiple large bottles every day and is slowly warming up to the idea of oatmeal (though he is more interested in just grabbing the spoon and bowl). He is smiley and patient and full of love and still incredibly captivated by me. I hope that never changes.


Anonymous said...

Julie, did you change his name???lol.

Anonymous said...

sorry, that comment is from aunt linda, too lazy to sign in, lol. HE IS GETTING SO BIG!


Julie Vaicius said...

Haha - thanks - I was typing with one hand because the baby alligator was on my lap squirming

Anonymous said...

Bring him back to me..... I miss you all, and he looks like he has grown since you all were here.
Love Nana