Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bonjour To You Too

La Luz spent some time over at mom's house the other day and they watched Madeline and learned some French words like "vite" and then this happened:

Which, I think, begs the question, where did the red beret come from?

I know very little about what happens while I am at work...La Luz has spent most of the past week and a half with Mary Cox who very kindly agreed to be in NOLA to help me with the kids while Christian is in Costa Rica (yes, he is still not home, yes, it feels like months). I am still waiting for some documentary evidence that La Luz isn't throwing ear-piercing tantrums upon discovering that she is not going to be able to pick out a toy at the grocery store or post office (I promise you, she could find something to buy at the post office...I have an idea how this monster was created), and that James is not hanging from the fan blades and running around the yard naked after polishing off a few cokes and a bag of Doritos. Until that time, I have to believe MC when she tells me that everything was 'fine' and that the kids were 'good'. She has quite a poker face.


Anonymous said...

Looks like La Luz had an awesome time and I am sure Mom did too.

Awesome pics and that smile is priceless......


Cathie said...

The red beret? It's from the 60s, and I knew if I kept it long enough someone else would come along who would like it as much as I did!

TOITA said...

hahahaha! Only you can keep a beret for more than 30 years!! But YES fashion is all about recycle!!!
Love the pictures!!



Kitty Brown said...

I actually talked to Lucy about this this morning. She spoke quite highly of Madeline.