Thursday, February 25, 2010

Running Just As Fast As I Can

I decided to run the Mardi Gras 1/2 Marathon a while back but never committed 100%. I trained under the novice schedule and, although I somehow managed to put in all of the long runs, I skimped here and there on the regular/short runs and didn't bother cross training. I also didn't sign up in time so I have to see if there is still space available at the expo tomorrow. Maybe there won't be any room left and I will have to forgo the race. I am excited about it, don't get me wrong. BUT, I have been sort of hemming and hawing about it because race day logistics always put a damper on the fun and these logistics, in particular, are a total buzzkill.

I got bored reading all of the rules and regulations and ultimately stopped, but here are a few that I can remember:
no parking within a mile of the race start, access to the start line is via shuttle, recommended check in time no later than 6 a.m. for 7 a.m. start - which for me will be closer to 7:30 because I am in a slow time group...the list goes on.

None of these things in and of themselves are that daunting, it is the combination of it all that gets to me. I generally wake up, throw on some clothes, and run out of the front door. I don't do well when there is a lot of hurrying up and waiting involved. I get thirsty. I worry about having to go the bathroom and using a port-a-potty. I get sleepy. I get hungry. I get intimidated. I get nervous. These are all of the things that have a tendency to take the fun out of the whole event. That said, the Peachtree Road Race is the biggest logistical nightmare ever. I complain about it, but every year I have a blast and every year I swear I will run it again.

I LOVED the 1/2 marathon distance when I did it years ago before Luz was even born. Granted, I had a lot more time to train and focus, but it definitely left an impression on me and I have been wanting to do another 1/2 since I did the marathon a few years ago. So, I am signing up and getting ready and looking forward to 13.1 miles of music and fun and really hoping to see these guys somewhere along the way:

Thanks for all of the diaper rash tips. I have been told that it gets worse before it gets better and that is proving to be true. James spent a few hours running around diaper-less again tonight and he seemed to feel better. Incidentally, the daycare ladies told me I have to get Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Ew. I have a total aversion to buying something called "butt paste". Let's hope some of the other tips work first.


Susan said...

Julie, Boudreaux's Butt Paste is the best ever. Get it, you'll swear by it. Clif Ruffin, who turned 23 years old today has cheeks that were soothed by Boudreaux's. Can I just pass that on to Phi Kappa Psi?

Neila said...

Boudreaux's is the best! Us Stones swear by it!