Monday, February 01, 2010

Stop Me, Please

My parent involvement day at Luz's school is tomorrow. Initially I was entirely too ambitious about this day and thought I would have each child make a tutu for Mardi Gras. I realized about a week ago, mid-way through my first tutu, that there was no way that could happen, not this year. I went with my backup plan, Mardi Gras masks. I hate masks; I find them very creepy. I never wear masks. I never shop for masks. I don't even enjoy talking to someone wearing a mask. It makes me uncomfortable. Luz likes masks though, especially during Mardi Gras. Because of this, I decided that it would be a fun activity for 4 and 5 year olds and, perhaps, something they would actually use.

I set out to make a prototype earlier this evening, assuming that it would be best to actually have something to show the girls as they sit down to work as opposed to just describing some very abstract idea : "we have feathers and glue and glitter...and well, you get the picture". I am so un-crafty that I cannot tell if what I set out to do works. This is possibly a complete failure and I am nervous that the kids will see right through me, like dogs smelling fear. I know they will be on to me. Christian said it looked okay and that he thinks it will be a good activity, but since I have been grouchy all day I don't think he wants to rock the boat.

Many of you are crafty and you all care about how I will be received tomorrow. So, I beg you, please tell me if I am out of my mind going in there with this project. If I am nuts, stop me, but only if you have a backup plan that I can prep for in time for the start of the activity. Time is of the essence as I have to be ready to get started at 1:45. Oh yeah, and the activity has to be something I can realistically pull off. I think my limitations are rather obvious at this point. Paper mache, for example, is clearly not an option.

Be honest. Does this look like fun:


Anonymous said...

Julie it is awesome and that will be all that Luz's class can keep up with. Have fun and enjoy!! wish i could be there to see.

Cathie said...

Good luck, Julie. I think they are precious and the girls are going to have a great time making these masks!

M C Brown said...

Julie.. it looks great! just let the girls have fun! Let them experiment! Show them your mask, but then encourage them to be creative! You might also want to print off some pictures of other mardi gras masks just to spark their creativity! You are going to do awesome! They won't see through you! Remember they are only 4

Kitty Brown said...

It totally works. Who doesn't love glitter?