Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reasons To Celebrate

On Saturday afternoon, in the middle of the most hectic day of the week in the Vaicius household, a little moment of bliss arrived courtesy of my rockstar cousin, Mary Cox. I mentioned that I wanted some parade watching shirts for the kiddies and without hesitating MCB made my wishes come true. I am ready to get the ladders set up and catch some beads. I wish I could wear one of these:

The pictures do not do MCB's impressive work any justice. I have been all thumbs with the camera lately and have been feeling uninspired from an artistic standpoint. It is a lack of time, creativity, and energy, not subject matter, that is hindering me and I hope that will change once the parades start rolling so I can do a better job of documenting life around here.

There was another celebration last Sunday when the Saints won the NFC Championship. I should dedicate an entire post or two to that night and that game, but I am still physically and mentally exhausted by it. One day I will explain why we were watching it on the puny kitchen t.v. Okay, there's no real science behind it, but it is possibly the reason they won.

Meenakshi, Luz and RME, Jr...amazed:


Anonymous said...

Julie we had an absolutely wonderful time in NO last weekend.
From Margots Fri night dinner, the Sat. am soccer game to the pm horse race all the way till the day we left. Hope we didn't overstay our welcome but thank you we had a wonderful time.
Love to you all

Anonymous said...

Hope we get to see MCB during Mardi gras.