Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mardi Gras Tutu

So, things have been a little crazy around here from Luz's first soccer match and James' first trip to the Fair Grounds, to a visit from Nana and Papa-T and the Saints' crazy, absolutely heart-stopping victory on Sunday night. There's plenty to tell you about BUT I have priorities. I have finished my first honest-to-goodness craft project since I made a sit-upon when I was a Brownie in First Grade. Granted, I had plenty of help, but still...Without further ado, the fluffiest, fullest, finest Mardi Gras tutu imaginable:

Jessie and I decided that this design is far too "full" (not to mention, time consuming) so, the next round will be just one layer of alternating purple, green and gold pieces. I will post a picture once the prototype is complete. I am feeling so confident that after I finish the tutus I will start on my newest endeavor - painting the seat on the ladder. I have a great idea for what I want to do this time and cannot wait to get started.

Oh yeah, one more thing, WHO DAT!

James, ready for the big game


Kitty Brown said...

OH MY! That tutu is amazing. I am so impressed!

M C Brown said...

I concur! Way to go Martha Stewart! Can't wait to see it on her! The shirts will be in the mail this weekend!