Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas 2009 - Part I

As promised - a recap of the Christmas festivities in parts. There are too many pictures for one post and I imagine it would become a bit dull.

We actually made it to Celebration in the Oaks. I didn't think it was going to happen but on a lark we decided to do it. It was incredibly crowded, freezing cold (for NOLA) and more chaotic than I remembered but Luz loved every minute of it.

Here she is with Christian:

The whole event was nothing more than torture for poor Jamesy. It all took place long after his bedtime. He was a trooper though - spent most of the time bundled in his stroller like this:

and tucked next to me in the new Ergo baby carrier I purchased (no pictures of this though since I am the one that always does the picture taking).

I wish wish wish I had invested in one of these ages ago. James is totally comfortable in it and it is less stressful on the one doing the carrying. This particular carrier holds up to 40 lbs. I cannot imagine carrying James around in it when he weighs 40 lbs, but who knows. I hope it will be just the thing during Mardi Gras. I guess we will see.

Next up, decorating gingerbread houses with Edward. There's no question that much more gets eaten than built, but I guess that's all the fun.

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Eileen said...

Julie I came across your blog while searching for pictures of McKenzies King cakes. I have a question did u buy this Ergo baby carrier locally in NOLA? I saw it and we were looking for the same thing for our 10 month old and it seems perfect!