Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas 2009 - Part IV

Christmas morning, post Santa's visit, pre absolute destruction by the Vaicius kids:

Christian, James and Luz, so sleepy:

James started out in striped pjs like Luz but at some point in the pre-dawn hours had an explosive diaper that destroyed everything within a few square feet. It was so out of control that we actually had to put him directly into the bathtub while Luz waited, so patiently, at the top of the stairs...poor kid.

After a quiet morning at home we headed to mom-mom's to open presents and have breakfast and Ojens (in honor of Pop, of course).

Here is Jamesy with Christian outside of mom's house:

James and Lu:

Richmond and Josh in their new hats...what are the chances:

On Christmas night we had dinner together with two of mom's old students from Costa Rica. Christian made grillades and mom supplied the rest. Dinner was perfect and the crackers were a huge hit. They never get old. Here is Luz in her crown:

And the Vaicius family with James tasting his first bite of my all time favorite Bluebell Peppermint Ice Cream:

It was a beautiful Christmas day.

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Kitty Brown said...

What a wonderful Christmas you all had! You did a great job documenting everything. Maybe I'll get Christmas blogged before the boys get here . . . we shall see, I suppose.