Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And They Are Off

James enjoyed his first trip the New Orleans Fair Grounds last Saturday while Nana and Papa-T were in town. Luz had been to the track a few times before with Christian and knew what to expect. James, on the other hand, was totally in awe of the horses and loved every minute of it. We made it just in time to watch Uncle Walker and Jonathan's horse, Cut West, run his first race and it was something to behold. He didn't win but he was clearly the fastest horse on the home stretch. It was all very exciting and I cannot wait to take the kids back for more races.

Things have been a little strange around here for the past two days. On Monday night a small fire started in our office copy room and, although the damage from the fire was minimal, the sprinkler system activated and 60% of our floor was saturated. The smell is overwhelming and remediation efforts are ongoing, but we are all working remotely until the air is clear(er) and some office necessities have been restored. I have heard secretaries badmouthing the copy machines on a number of occasions. The complaints are never-ending and are occasionally particularly disturbing and, as it so happens, true "I hope PS-2 blows up". Well...I don't know, divine intervention maybe? Needless to say, there are a few secretaries dancing in the streets because not only are we getting two new copy machines, we are enjoying a succession of what are, essentially, 'snow days'.

It isn't as care-free for the attorneys, however. I am pretty diligent when I work from home but am, undoubtedly, much more efficient in the office. I have been given a gift of freedom for the past couple of days, but am having trouble enjoying it because I am, instead, concerned about working enough. Isn't that always the way life works though. This is something I have daydreamed about all my life and I can't even appreciate it fully.


M C Brown said...

Jules- you look so pretty in that picture!

Anonymous said...

I love to see pics of the Family, Awesome photo!

Love & miss all of you so much.

Aunt Linda,

Heather Cannata said...

There have not been any "snow days" for me..... blech

Anonymous said...


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