Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Cleaner, Germ Free Family

We finally rebounded from a misreable bug that knocked me and Christian out in the begining of the week and even infected mom-mom. La Luz might have had it at some point but it is so difficult to tell with babies because their behavior can be somewhat erratic for no reason whatsoever.

So, to finally rid the house of every germ in the hopes of having maybe a week when we are all well at the same time I washed every sheet and towel, scrubbed every sink and toilet, and broke down and bought two gigantic cans of Lysol. I covered every square inch of the house, even things that probably aren't supposed to be hosed down with disinfectant. In the process I really pissed off Christian who thinks that the reason why we keep getting sick is because we are too clean and there are too many chemicals around. I am flattered that he belives the house is so clean but I don't follow the logic. I stood my ground and continued to spray and it made him misreable but I felt better about it, that is until I got to daycare and the ladies there told me that I couldn't prevent these types of viruses if I bleached the house from top to bottom. Can this really be true? What do I know?

Nevermind the unstoppable germs, we are all feeling just fine today. We are looking forward to a weekend of all sorts of Christmassy things and, if we are lucky and the weather holds out, a quick visit with Nana and Papa-T who will fly into town on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Precious pictures!!!!!!!! Love, M

Anonymous said...

just took a break from studying to look at this-- i love y'all! you made my day. xoxoxo