Thursday, December 14, 2006

For the Love of Mr. Noodle

La Luz pretty much loves all things Elmo so it should come as no surprise that she loves noodles (all of you moms and grandmoms who have been forced to watch Sesame Street too many times will understand the reference). Tonight we indulged her a bit and let her have marinara with smart ground (tofu version of meat and not because we don't like to feed her meat - it just happened to be all that we had around) and spaghetti. She decided that she no longer likes to eat noodles that we cut up for her. Instead, she wants the real thing - long, difficult to eat, potential choking hazards. She had a great time but the clean up was unbelievable, which is why she only gets spaghetti noodles once in a great while.

Pics tonight are courtesy of Chritian who was smart enough to get the camera before everything got really messy.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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