Sunday, December 10, 2006

Glad Tidings

The weekend started in chaos becuase my work Christmas party stretched far beyond the customary five hours of debauchery. I finally extricated myself around 5 p.m. only to learn later the next day that the merrymaking lasted until the wee hours of the night. From what I hear, I was lucky to escape when I did because the later it got the less tasteful the stops along the way became, or so I hear.

Christian and I took La Luz to an ornament making party at Beth and Gabriel's house and she loved it. When we arrived about an hour into the party it was utter madness. There were kids and toys and food and glitter and paste on every square inch of the house. We had a blast.

On Saturday morning we woke up with great anticipation waiting for news that Nana and Papa-T were on their way.

To kill time, La Luz and I voted (for what that was worth) and strolled around Magazine Street and enjoyed the Merriment on Magazine festivities. We saw Santa and Mrs. Claus outside of Whole Foods and I was almost able to get La Luz to sit on Santa's lap but she freaked at the last minute. At around 12 we learned that there was something wrong with the instruments on Papa-T's plane so they had to cancel their flight. Needless to say, we were very disappointed but we managed to enjoy the weekend despite missing them terribly.

We went to a Christmas party at Paola and Jose's on Saturday night. It was really a grown-up Christmas party but we were allowed to bring La Luz because Paola still hadn't met her and Amanda was in town just for the weekend and wanted to see her. Paola and Jose live about five blocks away and yet we never see them and it boggles my mind. I don't know how it is that we get too busy to get together. There was a time when I saw more of Paola than I saw of my own husband. They have a beautiful house and I was very envious of how everything inside matches or at least follows a general contemporary theme.

While La Luz napped on Sunday Gerrish and I went to Festivus. It was very nice but not quite as big as some of the monthly art markets around the city. I picked up a very cool 'cd-turned-ornament' for our tree and some neat green and red Mexican paper cut-outs for Christian. They were serving satsuma mimosas but had run out by the time Gerrish and I arrived so we settled on a nutella crepe instead and it was delicious.

Christian and I finished all of the Christmas decorating on Sunday afternoon. The tree is up and even though it sheds needles if someone so much as coughs nearby, it looks great. Christian was inspired by something and bought a bunch of poinsettias for the front porch and strung lights and garland on the balcony. I guess you really shouldn't live in a house with a balcony unless you are willing to do some Christmas lights. When it got dark enough outside we stepped outside to check out his handiwork and it looks brilliant.

Oh yea, and we watched the Saints.

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