Monday, December 11, 2006

What are the Neighbors Thinking?

It was another typical Monday around the office. I arrived at around 8:45, sat down at my desk, looked up and itwas 5:45...and December is supposed to be a laid back month.
Christian and I were truly engaged in tag team parenting today. When I walked in the door at 6:30 he grabbed his bag and headed to P.J.s to finish making his exam and grading papers. I hate evenings when we are this busy.
La Luz and I enjoyed a quiet night together. She practiced her new skill - turning the Christmas tree lights on and off. For some reason Christian taught her how to do this and she loves it. I am sure the neighbors and anyone walking past the house think we bought blinking lights on purpose or else that a crazy person lives here.

I spent the rest of the night putting away clothes. It literally took hours. I don't know if this is a problem that is particular to my household or not. We have an absolute inability to put clothes away around here. We are on top of the actual laundering of the clothes and don't seem to have any problem folding everything. The problem we have is actually getting the folded clothes from the basket to the drawers or closets. We will use every basket in the house (and we have 3) and once those are filled we will cover every empty surface with stacks of clothes. It is unreal and I think it is a problem that is here to stay. Whenever I waste a night putting clothes away (like tonight) I vow that I will keep up with it from here on out. I promise I won't though. Three or four weeks from now one of my nights will be dedicated to putting away clothes, again.

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