Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dora Gets Political

It was an exciting night in the Vaicius household. I arrived at the house to find La Luz and Christian knee deep in the contents of a package that Nana and Papa-T sent. The box was filled with goodies - everything from bones for the generally forgotten Loki to these really cool Christmas tree ornaments made out of yarn to a ton of outfits for La Luz that Aunt Ruthie sent. If she hasn't already, Aunt Ruthie is going to turn La Luz into a clothes horse no matter how hard Christian tries to make her a tomboy.

In addition to the exciting package, the night was even better because AJ invited us over for dinner. We got to hear all about her adventures in Audubon Park the day before with mom-mom and La Luz. Apparently while feeding the ducks (or rather being dive-bombed by the ducks) AJ attempted to kick a piece of bread to the ducks in the water and, isntead, kicked her shoe off and into the lagoon. I would have paid top dollar to watch mom-mom and AJ attempt to retrieve AJ's flip-flop from the lagoon using whatever braches and reeds were nearby.

La Luz was really excited about the Dora bath toys Nana sent her and was ready to get in the tub the minute we walked in the door. The toys are a Dora doll with flippers and an inflatable raft with a baby Dora and Diego inside. You can imagine what happened when Christian got a hand on the toys during La Luz's bath. Whereas I merely had Dora and Diego enjoying the waves on the beach at Destin, Christian had Dora and Diego paddling for their lives to escape Castro - a little heavy for a half-hour with Mr. Bubble if you ask me.

The toys worked so well that they actually presented a new problem. La Luz refused to leave them in the bathtub and insisted on having them with her in bed tonight. I can't win.

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