Thursday, December 21, 2006

PWAC CC II Christmas 2006

So, La Luz got to spend some quality time with her cousin Edward today and was, for the most part, on her best behavior. Here she is sharing her miniature bent-wood rocker:

and here's baby Edward holding his own against a tough competitor:

I love that the two babies are starting to interact. I can only imagine how much fun it will be to watch them together next year.

Thanks to the deluge this morning I got soaked twice before my day really even started. I was completely saturated and I had on my brand new, freshly tailored pants that were a bit of a splurge and that I loved until I realized that when they get wet they stink. I had to sit through three hours of CLE looking around at everyone near me, paranoid, wondering if they thought I have a bathing issue.

In addition to walking around stinking all day the other result of the downpour is that the leak we thought was remedied by the gutter repair work we did this summer is still around. Consequently, there are big bubbles in the sheetrock, discolorations in the walls, and lumps in the paint in two rooms. We also discovered two very minor leaks around other windows which I intend to pretend don't exist. I hate to even think about how this is going to be fixed.

There is some good news though, I was ultra-productive at work today. I think I might actually make it through next week out of the office without suffering from an anxiety attack. I also think I am finally going to break down and get a blackberry or a treo for my peace of mind.


Molly said...

Get a treo - they are the most user-friendly, and they get better reception.
Can't wait til Sunday!

TOITA said...

Hey guys!!! Jules you made me laugh with your "smelly issue" hahah! I can picture yourself totally!!
Agree with Molls get a treo...also the HP is good, not THAT friendly..but it works..
So Have a Merry Merry XMAS family...Since my summer will be off because of my broken leg...I might see you for Jazz Fest!! sounds ok with you??
Love you and miss you tons..

Julie Vaicius said...

Thanks for the info girls!
Toi, I hope that you can enjoy the holidays even though you are dealing with your broken leg. We will be looking forward to seeing you - Jazz Fest sounds great to me!
Molls, we will see you on Sunday! Hurry Up!