Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy (Late) Birthday Josh

While we were out of town Josh turned 31.
He happened to be in town visiting mom-mom and pop for a few days so our paths crossed, though only briefly.

We celebrated his birthday a few days later with those in the family who are in town. It was a treat to get to see everyone, particularly for La Luz who was in Atlanta for three weeks.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and am looking forward to hearing Baby #2's heartbeat and seeing how much weight I have gained. I feel absolutely enormous and am totally uncomfortable in all of my regular clothes. Unfortunately, I am not quite round enough for my maternity clothes yet. It makes getting dressed for work extremely tricky. I am probably being paranoid but I have a feeling people are looking at me thinking "wow lady, are you really to proud to invest in some bigger clothes?" I didn't start wearing maternity clothes when I was pregnant with La Luz until around the fifth month of my pregnancy. I doubt I will make it until the fifth month in my regular clothes this time around.


NolaMom said...

Congratulations! on baby number 2! It's so fun.

TOITA said...

Hey!! How adorable La Luz is in that picture!!!
An my Zapato pal looks good too...Glad that you all get to see him....Good luck at the Doc and take care of my niece/nephew to be!!