Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Smile For Me Little One

We are holding our breath and closing our eyes and trusting that what they say about the capacity of the human heart is true. The e.t.a. for Baby Vaicius #2 is January 9th. In La Luz's world the time between now and January will seem like an eon. In my world it will all happen in a matter of seconds.

For now, though, there is nothing fast-paced about my life. There are cat naps behind the tall, leather back of my office chair, leisurely weekend walks in comfortable shoes, and then evenings on the sofa, spent mostly like this:

It is all so awesome to me, even the second time around.


Anonymous said...

These pics are precious.
Love you

Anonymous said...

this lottery # needs to go away unless you know them.

Susan said...

i read you religously, am very happy for you and your family. you are a super mom and i hope you are putting all of this in booksmart or shutterfly or something that can be read years from now. a million hosannas for your great fortune.

Kitty Brown said...

Love it. Hope you are still feeling well!

ummmhello said...

How wonderful :) Jan 9th is my father's, god father's and god son's birthday. Quite a special day, indeed :)
So happy for your growing family!