Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer Travels

I am on day 1 of 14 days away from La Luz. Wow. 14 days is a long time. I keep looking at these pictures taken over the weekend in Atlanta:

and laughing. She looks so serious, so intent on her task of tending to her house - like a miniature, orange fraulein.

The 4th of July weekend in Atlanta was great. I somehow managed to run the Peachtree, despite feeling particularly lazy, and I had a great time. The route was a little different this year and it posed a bit of a challenge with a nice incline just before the finish. No post-race pictures this time. I was in no condition to be photographed.

The remainder of the weekend was lovely and low-key - bbq with friends and family and plenty of r and r by the pool. I was refreshed until Sunday night. My flight out of Atlanta yesterday was delayed 5 hours. Instead of leaving at 8:25, my flight departed at 1:15 a.m. I didn't get home until 2:30 and even then it was only because I shared a cab with 4 people headed uptown and we bribed the driver. Apparently there aren't many cabs available at the NOLA airport late on a Sunday night and there definitely aren't any that are interesed in going uptown. I met some nice people (even, very randomly, a new neighbor) but the last thing I wanted to do at that point in my night was make small talk. I have been in a fog all day and am looking forward to catching up on the sleep that I missed last night.

Because it is hard to resist when I miss her like's one more of La Luz, this time with Liam, sitting in Papa-T's chair:


NOLAcathie said...

Pop and I miss the "little orange fraulein" very very much!

ummmhello said...

Hahaha - little orange fraulein! Very true.
Enjoy this time - you'll miss her tons, but I'm sure you'll be okay :)