Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Look At My Girl

Pretty much doing the same thing in July 2008:

that she was doing in July 2007:

How'd she get so old so fast?

And yes, she is wearing her nightgown at 6 p.m. in the first picture. Apparently, sometimes she takes naps in her nightgown and refuses to allow Christian to dress her when she wakes up. It is also a bit difficult for Christian to get her hair brushed and in a barette. Seeing her hair in her face drives me up the wall, but I think Christian kind of gets a kick out of the feral, lost-boy sort of look on La Luz. At least the nightgown offsets the street urchin look a bit.


Scarlet said...

If Maddie is awake, and at home, she is in her jammies. In fact - she puts on her jammies the minute she hits the door from school!!

Anonymous said...

I think she just really really likes that nightgown, she wore it quite a bit here, it seems I only got it off of her to get it washed and put back on that evening.
We miss Lucy. She looks so cute in both pics.

ummmhello said...

Nothing wrong with a little nightgown action in the evening, especially when the orange popsicle matches the embroidery so nicely!

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh there are some days I tell the Hubs to just close his eyes when he walks in...we all might still be in our jammies :-)
She is so cute.