Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend With The Johnsons

Brad and Tally stopped off in NOLA last weekend and spent two nights hanging out. It was great to see them and they were happy to be able to spend time in the city. Christian took them on a tour through the areas around town that were heavily flooded during Hurricane Katrina. Without a doubt, it left an impact on both of them. It is strange that after almost three years there is still so much that needs to be done. I suppose maybe it will always feel that way.

To lighten things up a bit we decided on Jacques Imo's for dinner. Christian LOVES it and, especially when we have friends in from out of town, it is his restaurant of choice. I think it has something to do with the fact that he can wear shorts and flip flops. I was prepared for the usual wait but not for what the usual wait feels like without the benefit of a few beers or a glass or two of wine. It is tough. By the time we sat down to eat I was so sleepy that I am not sure if I was even hungry. On the plus side, we were able to sit inside of the Maple Leaf until our table was ready.

After waiting for an hour and a half for dinner we made Brad and Tally wait for about 45 minutes the next morning for brunch at Bluebird. They agreed that both were worth the wait. La Luz was a total trooper. It was so hot while we waited for our table on Sunday. Fortunately, she did a great job entertaining herself with the stand that holds the real estate magazines. She pretended like it was her doll's house. It was a good distraction for about 30 minutes.

Here we are at Bluebird. La Luz is licking the salt off of her hand. It is a new trick she learned somewhere - touch the top of a salt dispenser and lick your hand. Disgusting.

And playing with the doll's house:


Scarlet said...

I cannot BA-LEEVE that you went to Jacques Imo's without me...may have to reconsider the August NOLA trip! Love to all!

Kitty Brown said...

Look at those curls! It must have been hot out there.