Monday, June 30, 2008

Nice One

Today Governor Jindal vetoed a bill that would have increased the salary of our state legislators from $16,800.00 to $37,500.00. The controversial pay increase has been THE topic of conversation for the past few weeks. Generally, the voters have not been at all happy about the fact that some newly-elected legislators voted for the increase, which would have gone into effect Tuesday. I think an increase in pay is important, but it should not be something that is effective immediately. I do not believe $16,800.00 is adequate compensation for the work that the legislators do. Such a paltry salary perhaps equates to only the well-to-do being able to afford the luxury of running for public office, and I think that is wrong for many different reasons. Nevertheless, there is something incredibly distasteful about the bill and I am glad that Jindal finally worked up the nerve (or his electorate finally scared him into) vetoing the bill. Good choice.

Here is a picture of the first of many lovely sunflowers in our backyard. Okay, yea, the petals are a little 'weak' but this guy was over 9 feet tall. Can you picture how high up that is? High. Clearly, most of the energy was used up in building the stalk. It blew over in a recent rain storm so we had to cut it down. We have enjoyed looking at it for the past few days:


nyscof said...

Louisianans should also require Gov Jindal to veto bill SB312, a fluoridation mandate bill which will require that unnecessary and harmful fluoride chemicals be added to all public water supplies. Legislators seemed confused about the bill they voted for

People can send a letter to Gov Jindal here:

For more info:
Fluoride Action Network

Anonymous said...

I bet Lucy was excited about the sunflower.