Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Orange & Hot Pink?

Kelsea figured out months ago that La Luz's favorite colors are orange and hot pink. I have always been told that those two colors clash and should never be worn at the same time. La Luz, on the other hand, does not believe there is a better combination. So, you can imagine her joy when she received her birthday present from Kelsea, a beautiful nightgown with her initials embroidered in orange and hot pink. I think Kelsea had to bribe the people at the store to agree to those colors. The result is, in La Luz's mind, perfection.

If I allowed it she would never take this nightgown off ever again:


Anonymous said...

Oh it is so Lucy like! She looks precious.

NOLAcathie said...

I'm with Lucy...orange and hot pink is an awesome combination. I had a hot pink and orange striped dress in the '60s that came from Europe. I wore it everywhere and it became my "good luck" dress.
If I had today, AND it still fit me, I know it would still be among my most favorite.

Like grandmother, like granddaughter!

Kelsea said...

After several sales girls questioning my color choices with "Hot Pink and Orange? Really?" and "Pale pink is quite popular, if you'd rather", I made it out with the appropriate Lucy colors and surely a tacky reputation. I am so happy she likes it so much. Julie, if you'd like one to match, I am sure we could arrange that. She looks adorable.

ummmhello said...

That's a great gift! Dang, I should be that thoughtful!