Sunday, June 15, 2008

Still Feeling The Waves

We are just dusting off the sand over here after a long weekend at the beach.

But it is Father's Day, after all, so I can't resist a quick post. I can chase after the sand that will inevitably find its way into the corners of the sofa any day, but Father's Day only comes once a year.

La Luz was born on Father's Day 2005. We joked that there would never be a better Father's Day present for Christian, Pop or Papa-T. Ever. Each year since then I have realized how true it is - books, dvds, soap on a rope, none of those things quite compare. So, Happy Father's Day to Pop, Christian and Papa-T. Thanks for being such wonderful fathers and grandfathers. Over the past three years I have definitely learned that there is some truth to the old saying that any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad. I love you all.


nola said...

That certainly is a hard gift to top! Happy birthday La Luz!

NOLAcathie said...

Those are the cutest little toes I've ever seen!

ummmhello said...

Aww how sweet! Great picture, makes me want to kick off my own shoes and go for a run in the sand :)