Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Super Slide

While Christian is busy grading AP exams and I am stuck at work, La Luz is busy enjoying summertime.
She spent the day at Kelsea's house swimming, playing on the super slide, and chasing Noodles the cat. She must have played hard because she took a 4.5 hour nap.

Here she is standing by the super slide:

and after raiding the rack of bows in Kelsea's sister's room (Kelsea said there was a bow for every outfit and she wasn't kidding).

La Luz is now the proud owner of an incredible collection of bows. I am thrilled that I will never have to scramble for a holiday-themed bow again. Now the battle will be convincing her that she just can't wear a Mardi Gras bow on any given day.

I wish I could spend my day the same way...well, with the exception of the part about the bows. I think my bow-wearing days are in the past.


Scarlet said...

Is that a NOLA rule about the Mardi Gras bows? Is it okay if I listen to the Rebirth, playing Mardi Gras tunes now??? :) Oh, and BTW - do not let Madeleine Irene see the Ariel swimsuit, because she would try to stuff her age 5 frame into it!

ummmhello said...

Too cute - love the lady bug shirt, too :)