Thursday, June 05, 2008

Finding Her Sea Legs

A few days in the pool with Kelsea and La Luz is finally getting a little comfortable in the water. Kelsea took a video earlier today of La Luz singing and swimming but blogger is not cooperating so I will try to post it later.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures. La Luz, feeling very comfortable in the Lucy-sized pool:

and playing with Noodles:

Her favorite animal. Ever.

I took La Luz to the firm's Zephyr's night tonight and she had a blast. Nothing like hotdogs, cotton candy and staying up way past bed time to entertain an almost-three year old. Cotton candy notwithstanding, I was careful about what sorts of junk she put in her mouth tonight. Last year the combination of hotdogs, chips, lemonade and dipping dots proved to be a terrible mix. At this time last year I was up with La Luz at 3 o'clock in the morning, cursing my decision to allow dairy to follow citrus. I hope I have done what is necessary to avoid an encore performance tonight.


Kitty Brown said...

HA! I totally remember last year's game -- hope last night was better. Have a GREAT weekend!

Scarlet said...

Presh pants - do I recognize? We are overdue sending La Luz a care package, although the fashions are getting a little out there..... ha! The sad thing is that when we went to the balloon festival a few weekends ago, Maddie and I were fighting over the cotton candy! Whatcha gonna do?