Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Welcome To The Monkey Room

In an attempt to beat the heat today Christian took La Luz to the Monkey Room to burn off some steam. The first two texts Christian sent left me feeling a bit uncertain about the decision. The first was something along the lines of La Luz being 'chicken'. Apparently she spent the first thirty minutes hanging out in the area designated for toddlers and was even too scared to go down one of the slides. The second text had something to do with Christian being the only guy there. Sure, it was the middle of the day on a Tuesday, but I would have expected a few dads in the mix. About an hour later La Luz had made friends and was hooked. I think it is a great concept and the perfect activity for hot summer days. I have a feeling we will be there quite a bit over the next three months.

Here she is, navigating the equipment:

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Scarlet said...

Monkey Room....Monkey Joe's.....it's all the same to me!! The only thing is - does the Monkey Room have the leather couches, wi fi, and large flat screen TVs everywhere for the adults?