Monday, June 16, 2008

Beach Weekend 2008 - Part I

La Luz initially hated the sand, just like last year. She eventually warmed up to the idea of having grains of sand actually touching her skin but she remained persnickety for the duration of the vacation. I guess some people are beach people and others are not. Maybe it is too early to tell. She loved the pool and the condo and, most importantly, the time with her relatives.

Here is the first batch of pictures from the weekend:

La Luz & Christian on the boardwalk.

The only picture of the three of them that doesn't display tears or the back of someone's head. Capturing three kids under the age of three in a single frame is tough work.

La Luz, haircut time.

At the beach, in the sand, the filthy filthy sand.


lottery said...
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Kitty Brown said...

I'm still not that much of a sand person, but I love going to the beach -- it's possible for both of those to co-exist, don't lose hope!

Red Lotus Mama said...

I have a great picture of Little 'Ny curling up into a little ball when we were trying to sit her in the sand. After about 10 minutes she couldn't get enough of it.