Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Baby Did It

We had dinner tonight with Aunt Kate and Mary Cox and they were subjected to an evening with a three year old who decided to skip nap time. They were both VERY good sports and didn't let La Luz's strange behavior bother them. Although she improved over the course of the night, within the first few minutes of arriving at mom-mom and pop's La Luz banished herself to time-out after informing us that her baby stole her manners.

I can't say I am particularly surprised, the baby is somewhat diabolical looking, wouldn't you say:

La Luz and I have had a great time hanging out with the B'ham Browns. She is going to be sad tomorrow night when they are not around and will be begging for them to plan a return trip to 'play with her' sometime very soon.

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Anonymous said...

La Luz has quite the imagination going on, that is so cute. Tell the B'ham girls hello for me.
Love & Miss you