Thursday, June 26, 2008

All These Things I Miss

I am definitely over being a single parent and am ready for Christian's return. And, okay, I really don't have much room to complain. Even though I have been a single parent for the past week I have had A TON of help. I am fortunate to have family members and great babysitters who are always willing to help out with La Luz and it is weeks like this one when I remember how lucky I am. I also haven't even had to cook a single meal all week. I am still scratching my head, wondering how that happened. Nevertheless, it is tough without Christian around and I think that is primarily due to the fact that he is usually the one who spends the most time with La Luz because of how much I work.

Interestingly, it is not the time he spends with La Luz that I miss the most, because I have had plenty of help. It is the other odds and ends around the house that I have no time to deal with during the week that I miss. Consequently, the house is pretty much a zoo (I actually cleaned up right before typing this post, but I didn't want to at all), there are dishes in the dish-drainer that have been there since the day he left, there is no milk, no yogurt drinks, no bread, no turkey (ie, very little to feed La Luz), and the trash can was full for 3 days - banana peels hanging on to the edge of a cereal box balanced on top of a yogurt container. I finally couldn't look at it and took it outside this morning. It really made me miss Christian.

The only positive difference not having him around makes is that I have only had to do one load of laundry since he left town. One. And I doubt I will have enough dirty clothes to merit another load before he returns. I will never understand the mystery of how Christian goes through as many clothes as he does on an average day, but I have enjoyed not having endless mountains of laundry to deal with (or look at as that seems to be the case around here these past few days).

I arrived home from work to see that La Luz had somehow raided Kelsea's collection of day-glo nail polish. The fingernails are a lovely plum; the toes, sunshine yellow. I couldn't get her to sit still long enough for a picture of the toes. Trust me, they are something.

She threw a fit when I put her in the bathtub earlier tonight because she was convinced the water would remove the nail polish. Crazy.


Scarlet said...

That's the best picture ever - I love her fingers!!

ummmhello said...

Yep, it's all those little things that it takes to keep a house running smoothly. We forget about them until someone stops doing them!
Love her nails :) I can understand her fear of water, my little one didn't want to shower after having a temp tattoo put on his arm - same reason :)