Sunday, May 03, 2009

Jazz Fest 2009

Despite really wanting to see Neil Young live, I decided to skip Jazz Fest this year. James seems to be in the middle of a big growth spurt and basically wants to eat all the time. He was also (quite uncharacteristically) up in the middle of the night (to eat) last night so that, on top of three days traveling for work, was enough to deplete any remaining energy and desire I had in me. So, while James and I had a peaceful and only marginally productive day (I managed to make quinoa for the first time and I love it but accomplished very little else), La Luz and Christian headed to Jazz Fest. I can't remember the last time I missed Jazz Fest and La Luz has never missed it. They had a blast despite a deluge in the early evening that brought the adventure to an abrupt end.

Here's La Luz enjoying a snowball:

and hiding out in the neat sheet just before the deluge:

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Kitty Brown said...

Quinoa, huh? You're a much braver cook than I am!