Monday, May 25, 2009

My Weekend, How Was Yours?

La Luz recovered just in time for an action-packed weekend. Despite all of the foaming at the mouth of the meteorologists earlier in the week, the weather was actually quite beautiful...balmy, sun shining through occasionally gray skies, a small patch of rain here and there, and a lovely breeze.

We celebrated La Luz's 4th Birthday with a party at GG's for La Luz and two of her friends who also share June birthdays. It was a Wizard of Oz theme and I think all of the girls had a great time.

On Sunday James was baptized and it was not a moment too soon because the gown fit perfectly. If we had waited any longer he probably would not have been able to wear it and that would've bummed me out because it was my grandfathers and, obviously, has tremendous sentimental value.

My nephews were in town for the festivities, along with my sister and brother in law and Nana and Papa-T. The house was packed and with so many of us under one roof things were a bit chaotic at times but it was worth it to see La Luz enjoying her time with her cousins. I know she will remember this weekend.

I took a bunch of pictures with Christian's camera this weekend and I wish I hadn't relied on it so much. I am a bit disappointed with the blurriness in pictures (and I know this is my fault) and the red-eye (which I am sure I can figure out how to reduce). I suppose it is a good lesson that I have become completely reliant on the magic of the Rebel and that it is, perhaps, the camera that makes great pictures and not the photographer.

Here is the first batch of pictures from the weekend. These are the ones that were taken with the Cannon Power Shot. I will post the ones that I took with the Rebel later this week.

Little Dorothy on her way to the party via the very cool yellow brick road Molly created:

La Luz playing Dorothy, playing Glenda:

GG, babysitting for James during La Luz's party:

And for some amazing, beautiful reason many of my cousins on both sides of my family were in NOLA this past weekend so, inevitably, there was some drinking going on. Here is one of me and Molls at the Columns:

How we spent Monday:


Christian said...

Does my wife look hot or what in that picture? And she just had a baby 4 mo ago!

TOITA said...

Hot Mamma!!! And Hot Aunt too!!! The sister's ara looking goooooodddd!!!



Scarlet said...

Christian - I must agree. AND - she's at my favorite NOLA watering hole.

Julie - will you take me to the Columns next February if I finish the Marathon?