Sunday, May 17, 2009

Through A Different Lens

Christian requested a "point and shoot" camera ages ago. He wanted one to throw in his bag or carry in his pocket. He wanted one that was less bulky and more dispensable than my precious Rebel. The Rebel is an incredible camera but the thought of carting it around Jazz Fest and on trips to the zoo tends to be somewhat of a deterrent to picture taking.

I love reading and learning about cameras. Photography is a hobby of mine and I wish I had more time to devote to taking pictures, using new cameras and techniques, and just becoming a better photographer overall. I love portraits more than any other subject matter, which is perfect because I have great subjects around here.

When I started researching "point and shoots" I read about and fell in love with this guy:

Sadly, it was a bit out of my price-range and the extravagance would have been completely lost on Christian who has never held on to a pair of sunglasses for more than a few months at a time and misplaces ipods like loose change.

The decision was ultimately an easy one. I opted for the Cannon PowerShot Digitial Elph (the SD 750 model). The tiny little thing shoots pictures in 10 mega pixels, way more than are necessary for a decent picture, especially pictures that will primarily be viewed on the computer. This camera is, by far, the best of the best of user-friendly, "point and shoot" digital cameras. Yeah, if you have the shakes your pictures will blur and, sure, you might capture the mouth agape instead of in the smile that melted your heart, but, with a little practice, you can get some great pictures. I recommend this camera to everyone looking for a good digital camera and no desire to fork out the ducats for an slr:

Although it is Christian's camera, it spent most of the weekend in my purse. I can't resist taking pictures of these guys:

And giving La Luz her first shot with the new camera, very avante-garde:

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