Monday, September 13, 2010

A Few More

I had a LONG day at work, at least by my standards...almost 12 hours and that is just too long for a mama. I made it home just in time to rock Jamesy for about 20 minutes and then hear all about Luz's day - she decided she is bringing the Cabbage Patch twins for show and tell on Thursday, she earned more piano 'bucks' during practice today and almost has enough to buy something (yippee for more plastic bric a brac), her buns stayed in place for most of the day and she wants pigtails tomorrow (who is this kid), and she barfed up her celery when Daddy made her laugh during dinner (they had fun without me...heart.breaking).

I am 1/2 way through the Bourdain in Madrid episode, I gave up on my idea of not drinking wine during the week (an idea I came up with during the middle of the day today because of my fear that wine = accumulation of belly fat), Christian is watching the last minute of Monday Night Football, and I am taking a few quick minutes to post more pictures from Labor Day Weekend. That is all that is happening around here, pretty standard stuff for a Monday. Oh, did I mention that I washed my hair with bath gel this morning? I have been having serious hair issues lately, like my hair feeling as if it is a giant dread lock. I have tried everything from leave-in-conditioner to letting it air dry to flat ironing, and nothing works. Today I decided I must have something seriously wrong with me, some terrifying disease, when I couldn't get a brush through it. Finally, at around 5 o'clock it dawned on me that in my bleary-eyed haze during my shower, I mixed up the bottles. Just in case you were curious about what a normal day is like around here lately.

And now, pictures...

The kids discovered GG's house on Saturday and asked to play in it all weekend.

Playing on her king-sized bed:

Luz, pretending she is a princess, in love with GG's vanity:

And I couldn't resist this one...kissable

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