Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Horseback Riding at White Plantation

Luz had her first real horseback riding experience courtesy of Uncle Luis and Lady Di. It was easily the highlight of a very exciting weekend and something that she has not stopped talking about.

Funny thing, I remember that feeling quite well:


Anonymous said...

That was so awesome. Was that Luis with you too? That must have brought back such a great memory.
Love to you all

Kelsea said...

This is adorable but very perplexing. She won't go near a carousel and recently managed to hesitantly ride a rocking horse but she will happily trot along atop a 1000lb animal? She is very brave!

TOITA said...

Jules OMG that picture of you, you look exactly like Luz!!!! It could be her perfectly, you just notice the faded colors of the picture!!I wish I could be there and also have a ride with them!!! You need to take James too, I am sure he would just LOVE it!!

miss you guys!