Monday, September 20, 2010

It's That Time Of Year Again

Yep. You guessed it - school picture time. In a complete role reversal, Luz seemed to love being the subject:

while James hated it:

So so very heart-breaking. He usually begs to have his picture taken, whereas Luz is much less interested. Consequently, when I opened the pictures I was quite surprised to see the results. Such a sad little dude. Christian wants him to have a retake session. I think retakes are a bit excessive, particularly for a baby. Retakes should be reserved for people caught with their eyes closed. I just think that if we are going to waste the photographer's time we need to consider how best those resources can be utilized. Perhaps there is a more pressing need:

I only mention it because this picture does very little to highlight how handsome he is...truly. There is something going on with the hair and the smile. You would think everyone in my house would know better than to use a closed mouth smile. I warn against it constantly (see the teethy grin in Exhibit A above).

While you are looking at the pictures, please let me know if/whether you think the kids look like Christian. I always wonder. It is tougher for me to tell since I see them every day. I only ask because someone (a Chinese lady) asked us if James was part Chinese on Saturday.


lindavaicius said...

Hmmmm. point well said about the retake photo, I say "no" because that shows how he reacted at that time in his life. Although Christian is Handsome in any photo, thats another good point. Now on to james, also handsome..I think he looks just like your dad except for the eyes. None of you have small eyes and so i always wondered where james got the small eyes from. I say Lucy looks like christian, I don't see either you or chris in james, I also believe every couple have 1 child who does not look like neither parent. Your all Beautiful!!! and i love and miss all of you.....aunt Linda

kelsea said...

They both have his nose, for sure. I see you in Lucy most of the time, and James doesn't look like anyone in particular to me, except maybe a Chinaman, just kidding. If anything, that red hair is Irish or Scottish. They are both beautiful nonetheless. Photo number 3, though.... the jury is still out on that one.

Christian said...

Hey Linda,
Thank you. You are my favorite aunt.
Have an orange-tea on me.

Hey Kelsea,
You are dead to me.

Hey Julie,
My only fear is that Walter or Davy will get a hold of that picture and make TShirts.
and FYI I have a no smile rule for pics. That explains the closed mouth smirk.

Casey said...

James, Chinese?? No, definitely not. Luis has heard that, but then again, he does have that Asian hair. Maybe it's a Banos thing.

I think Lucy looks like you, Julie, and I agree that James looks like your dad. Sorry, Christian - don't really see you in either of them. Maybe when they get older the resemblance will come out. But to make it up to you, I don't think your picture is that bad. But I empathize with you, because I have never taken a good school photo in my life.

TOITA said...

Few things...After the pictures you posted about Luz and you riding a horse with Uncle Luis, I can say that Lucy have so much of you!!! juts give her a couple of years!!
Jamesy is Pops, definitively..and Dude don't care about the smile, explain the "corbata"?!?!?!?!?!?!?! hahahahaa!

No retakes, they all look great!!! We need one of you Jules!!!

miss you guys!


Catherine said...

the picture of jamesy makes my heart crumble up into tiny pieces. in a good way. xoxox