Thursday, September 16, 2010


After it sat collecting dust for nine months, we finally unwrapped and installed the Wii a few days ago. It has been quite the attraction since we hooked it up and has provided some decent comic relief for me.

We don't own many games, but that doesn't matter because there is one in particular that is stuck on heavy rotation:

I will let you guess who holds the high score and will stop at nothing to defend the title.

James, making sure it is set up properly:

and patiently waiting for his turn:


Anonymous said...

FYI: Julie holds the high score!

TOITA said...

hahahaha! Jules!!! I can't believe that you have it for months without using it!! Is GREAT!!!! I love it and when I visit my nephews I spend every minute on it!!! nOw is good to know that I have one waiting in NOLA!

Go dude, don't let your lady beat you!!! hahaha!