Monday, December 06, 2010

The Grouch

I guess the total Santa freak-out of 2010 tipped me off a little...I just knew something was not right with James because he was extra clingy and not his usual, happy-go-lucky self on Saturday. I suspected he might be getting sick. Luz had complained about a scratchy throat earlier that morning and it was a busy weekend, so that part made sense - my kids tend to plan their illnesses at the worst possible times - Christian is gearing up for exams, I have a few projects to finish at work before the holidays, and there are tons of extra-curricular things going on.

Look at this face, so completely bummed out:

Ultimately fever surfaced and the rest of the weekend was spent quietly. We decorated a tree that was selected without any fanfare (Christian picked it up from Whole Foods on Sunday afternoon while the kids napped) and watched movies and stayed cozy and warm on a very chilly day. The kids recuperated somewhat but James still has a hacking smoker's cough that keeps him up at night (I miss the days when it was okay to give kids cough medicine).

If you are in the market for a tree that is in the 7 to 9 foot range, please check out Whole Foods. It is a great deal - every tree is $50 - and there is no haggling and hard-selling by some inebriated drifter looking to score a big commission. They will tie it to your car and promise to plant two trees for every one tree sold. I don't think it gets any better than that. Our tree is not particularly big and we contemplating going really big this year since we have the ceiling to accommodate it. I am glad we didn't because the first thing out of Luz's mouth was "wow, that is a gigantic tree". It is all relative.


Anonymous said...

I hope they are feeling better! James just needs one of my singing/dancing snowman and he will be fine. lol
Love Nana

Ryan Waldron said...

Some sort of crud must be going around the area. Of course it could be a different crud, but something got me also. I've been in the pits since Sunday evening. I hope everyone in y'all's household gets well soon.

Kitty Brown said...

You can't give kids cough medicine? The things I learn from you!

The Gimlet Eye said...

Didn't know about the cough meds either...good to know! Does anyone tell you this or is it just passed down among friends? Poor little Jamesy Bear.

Kris said...

My pediatrician told me that I can give Grace 2 mL of Delsym. It's about 1/4 tsp. Knocks the cough out!