Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hey There

It has been a crazy week around here at the Vaicius house. I am really looking forward to the weekend so that I can spend some time catching my breath. We have some fun Christmas activities planned, a quiet night out for dinner (and maybe even a movie), and I am looking forward to a long run on Saturday morning.

I am off to read and to bed. I am in the middle of The Art of Racing In the Rain. Do you love dogs? Is your dog under-appreciated? Read. This. Book.

I leave you with a snapshot from Saturday night. Christian looks very distinguished in his tuxedo. I look sort of drunk (it is that weird 'eye half closed' thing I tend to do in photographs):


M C Brown said...

you look fabulous! is that katie's navy dress! i told her you should wear that one!

Kitty Brown said...

What a beautiful picture! Go Katie B.! And I loved that book, too. There's a box heading your way tomorrow -- get excited!