Monday, May 19, 2008

Check It Out

The result of all of Christian and Papa-T's very hard work over the past three days:

I barely recognized it when I walked outside to check out the finished product after work today. It looks incredible and will, according to Papa-T, last another five years or so!

La Luz has been throwing miniature tantrums all evening because she misses Nana and Papa-T. She really gets spoiled having them around, we all do.


Kitty Brown said...

WOW -- very impressive. Hopefully we'll get to see it in person just a few weeks.

Christian said...

Perhaps you guys can come over for some grilled animal one evening?

Kitty Brown said...

Best laid plans and whatnot -- I emailed Julie yesterday, but we have to scrap the June trip. We're trying to reschedule . . . ah, life. Hopefully we'll see you on your way 4th of July?