Sunday, May 04, 2008

Jazz Fest 2008, Part II

We woke up Sunday morning to the most incredible weather so Christian, La Luz and I decided to check out the last day of Jazz Fest 2008. It was incredibly expensive, crowded, muddy, and there was an overwhelming aroma of manure, but it was worth every inconvenience to watch La Luz's eyes light up when she heard the first few notes of Jockamo, this time courtesy of the Wild Magnolias. Is five minutes of pure joy worth $200 and the scent of manure? You bet.

Listening to the Wild Magnolias on daddy's shoulders:

Taking a break before the Neville Brothers shut the place down:

Sharing a snowball with mama:

Braving the manure and mud:

Yes, there was a wardrobe change in there somewhere. La Luz spilled strawberry lemonade on her shirt and, lately, has become very fastidious about her general appearance.


Kelsea said...

I may have something to do with this new-found fastidiousness over wardrobe, considering changing into "comfy" clothes has become a very important after-school task for the two of us. Lucy now knows we can't mix stripes and polka-dots.

Julie Vaicius said...

Thanks - I love it!
And you know, it takes a lot to combat the fact that many of her choices are based on outfits that Christian has sanctioned and he is color blind and has very little sense of style.

Scarlet said...

I love the dress-slash-pants combo - a staple of Maddie's wardrobe!!