Monday, May 12, 2008

Let The Sun Shine In

Tomorrow is Christian's 34th birthday. I am sure that to many people it doesn't seem like it was all that long ago that he looked something like this:

The picture is super-small because of technical difficulties and my extreme lack of patience with the computer tonight. It is a picture of Chris with his Nana, just a few days after he was born.

I am particularly excited about the birthday because it means we will finally be the same age (at least for a few months). I have no doubt that it was some sort of great luck for me that day back in 1974 when Christian was born. I am entirely aware there is no more perfect person in the world for me and, for that reason, May 13th is not only a celebration for Chris, but a celebration for me and now for La Luz.

Happy Happy Birthday, with all of our love...


NOLAcathie said...

Happy birthday dear Christian with all our love and best wishes...and may "the sun shine in" on all the days of your 34th year!

Scarlet said...

Happy Birthday, to the coolest "Star Wars" uncle to my babies!!

Kitty Brown said...

Happy birthday! We hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day.

TOITA said...

Happy Birthday DUDE!!! May the Force and everything you like be with you today and every day!! (ok and Mr Frodo as well!)
Hope you have a great day today and a nice Guinness!!


catherine said...

YAY! Happy birthday! love catherine