Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Way Things Have Been

La Luz's Aunt Molly has been in town since last week. Unfortunately, she heads back to NYC tomorrow to start working on a new show. La Luz was not pleased when she had to tell her goodbye earlier tonight. They have spent most of the week together and it is clear that La Luz has gotten used to it. I have spent most of my evenings and nights hanging out with Molls and, although things have been a bit hectic as a result (and my bedtime has been pushed back a bit) I have enjoyed every minute of it. We had dinner together at mom-mom and pop's tonight and one of Molly's oldest friends, Stacey, joined us. Molly and Stacey invited me to go out for drinks with them, but by 9:00 I knew I wouldn't be able to hang. So, I made it home in time for a very quick post. I will catch up on all of the other excitement - the first week of La Luz's summer vacation and the chaos that will ensue with regard to the schedule for the next 12 weeks, recent Netflix movies that should be reviewed, my multiple trips to La Thai, and a new mix cd courtesy of Christian. It will all have to wait, however, as I can barely keep my eyes open.

Here is one of La Luz in her cover-up, thinking long and hard about something (perhaps the 12 inch lizard that was hanging out in the pool house - that thing was a moster) :


Anonymous said...

yay - i made the cut!

it was so great seeing you all last night!


Mary Cox said...

Once you have lucy's summer schedule nailed down, let me know when i can come help you!!! I am free all summer long and would love to help y'all out!

Anonymous said...

The lip is it!

papa t