Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Today was western day at La Luz's school. There were all sorts of activities planned - pony rides, concerts, hay rides, petting zoo, and a picnic lunch. La Luz was looking forward to the hoedown all week. She even acquiesced when I suggested pony tails would be proper attire. I was thrilled. I love getting her hair out of her face.

Here she is, ready to pretend she is a cow-girl:

I loved this look but, as predicted, the hat didn't last long:

Congratulations to Jen, Peter and big sis, Betsy. Baby Sadie was born a little before 4 p.m. today. Once she is home and has some time I am sure Jen will be updating her new blog, www.betsyandsadie.blogspot.com.


nola said...

So cute in the hat! Too bad it didn't last long!

ummmhello said...

I love that book :)
The pig tails and straw hat are to die for. Too bad she didn't want to keep them on!

Julie Vaicius said...

aw, thanks!

I wish I could get her to keep the hat on. I guess I should be satisfied with the pig tails!

I also wish I could get her to speak more Spanish. She used to flat out refuse but is getting a little better.