Monday, December 07, 2009

ASH Christmas Party and Christmas Card Photo Attempt #1

On Saturday morning I took La Luz and James to the ASH alumni Christmas party. I knew Luz would have a great time and figured James was the x factor. He is at a very tough age to be anywhere where there are crowds, things he can't touch, other people in need of my attention, and no rooms with padded walls. Basically, I can't leave the house with him. I am kidding, of course, sort of. I braved it anyway and James proved me wrong. He was charming and congenial and perfectly content to sit in his stroller and dance and smile and flirt with everyone around. He even sat on Santa's lap and smiled. Big. And, because he sat on Santa's lap and smiled, Luz did too and she got to ask for a baby doll and feel the magic of it all. So I think I have a picture of Santa holding both kids, smiling.

I figured since both kids were in Christmassy outfits I would attempt a Christmas card photo. I didn't have any luck. I never had a problem capturing a good picture of Luz but trying to capture Luz and James at the same time is impossible. I am not sure when it will happen but until then I will be content to pull my hair out trying.

Luz and James, enjoying the fun:

The best of my attempts - not terrible but not card-worthy either - the new lens will blur the background which certainly would've helped in this situation:

No way. James looks lobotomized and Luz is eating:

Again, not great, and I think Luz is digging in the goldfish cup and, maybe, chewing?

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Kitty Brown said...

Too funny. I love their sweet outfits!!