Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Baby Legs

I picked up a nifty little baby accessory during our trip to Portland and Seattle in the summer of '08. I was pregnant and incredibly excited and couldn't quite figure out if I was having a boy or a girl so I settled on a very gender-neutral style. I found these legwarmer things in a tiny baby emporium of sorts tucked away off of an incredibly claustrophobic thoroughfare somewhere near the waterfront in Seattle. I think I was killing time one afternoon while Christian was at a conference because I cannot imagine that he would have agreed to set one foot in this store. When we returned to NOLA I hid the legwarmers away somewhere, thinking that it would be ages until I would actually need them - the thought of a crawling baby seemed so foreign, so far away. While reorganizing and sorting and sifting and selecting I stumbled upon them and it wasn't a moment too soon.

I am not sure if these things existed when Luz was a baby (not that it would have mattered since she wasn't a crawler) but I think they are pretty easy to find these days. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a baby that enjoys crawling, particularly a baby who enjoys crawling and hasn't really figured out how to engage the lower body, like James:

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Anonymous said...

They are so cute! I bet they keep his legs warm too.

Love to all

My baby is getting so big.