Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Card Photo Attempts #3

I am not kidding, I think this could go on for days:

On another note entirely, I just watched the season finale of Top Chef and I have to say that I am totally disappointed that Michael won. He is a navel-gazing db who hides behind gimmicks. No thanks. I have little interest in trying any of his restaurants, Michelin star or not. I can see that Kevin did not have his best night, but Bryan easily out-cooked Michael. What a shame!


Kitty Brown said...

I think they're getting the hang of it! :) We were totally bummed about the end of TC, too. Boo hiss, Bravo.

Susan said...

Ditto me Julie...had Bryan or Kevin won, I would have had no problem. And by the way, they lost me when they "cut" Jennifer. I loved her dishes the most.

Casey said...

Hi Julie,
I think either 3, 4, or 5 would make an adorable Christmas card - I love how the photos capture their personalities! None of that Olan Mills genericness about any of those!
Can't wait to see you guys over Christmas!

NolaMom said...

You gotta use them all like from a photo booth. too cute!

neetsie said...

i like number 4. these pics have been lightening up my hard nights in the icu. thanks so so much for posting them! xoxo