Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gift Giving

Finding the perfect gifts for a class of 4 year-olds is somewhat tricky. Inevitably, someone sends a present that is waaaay to nice, someone sends one that is waaay to creative and then I am left scratching my head, wondering why I am unable to put anything acceptable together.

This year I was inspired by Jen's (www.betsyandsadie.blogspot.com) idea to give each kid a barrette BUT I decided way to late and knew I would never be able to order enough in time. So I decided I would make them. I embarked on what ended up being an incredibly time consuming project after getting too much support from people who consider "crafts" a full-time hobby and can create masterpieces in a matter of minutes without so much as breaking a sweat.

I finished most of my project tonight and am covered in krazy glue and glitter, left wondering if my creation is even worthy of passing out to the class. At least I finished it:

I love the idea of creating something nice but when it gets down to it I am useless. I can barely wrap my head around a supply list when starting a project. In fact, even when someone has the project set up for me in stations and has already shopped and organized it in a linear fashion, I still fumble. I guess the short answer is that I am just not a crafty person, though it hasn't yet stopped me from trying.


Anonymous said...

Great Job Julie! They are adorable.


Kitty Brown said...

Those are very fun. Anything with glitter is bound to be a complete HIT!

Robincita said...

You are far better than I. I would've just bought the suckers. LOL