Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas Card Photo Attempts #2

Here are more attempts from later that same morning. The kids were still dressed in Christmas outfits and we were in a new place so I figured...maybe with the change of scene...just maybe. No.

And so you can see what it is that I am up against.


neetsie said...

late at night, in the ICU, i'm looking at these photos and falling out of my chair with laughter. i LOVE the second one! no, the middle one! i think you should use 'em. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Julie,its easy. Have chris stand behind you with a stuffed animal and put it on your head and make it jump up & Down that way the kids will laugh and they will be looking up at the camera,it works...i do it all the time. Just try it.

love aunt linda.

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