Thursday, December 03, 2009

Daydreaming, 2009

I already got the pair of shoes that would be featured at the top of the list, so I decided not to include any clothing in my the first installation of my 2009 wish list. Here are a few of the things that I daydream about when I should be busy doing other important things:

The lovely 50 mm Cannon lens...with the hope that it will make portraits of my favorite subjects all the more professional looking:

Only because I have thoroughly enjoyed everything he has ever written and not at all because I am interested in reading about Tillman's life (okay, maybe just the tiniest bit fascinated)...the new John Krakauer book:

I have always loved the Saints for Sinners medals and now they have these really neat bracelets to honor the Saints...who dat:

I have mentioned to Christian quite a few times that I thought it would be an awesome idea to have a balance ball in my office. I spend a ton of time sitting at my desk and I figured I might as well start engaging my core muscles and get a little exercise as I type, right? Christian always acts perplexed and sort of weirded-out by the idea that I would consider such a thing. Tonight I discovered they actually make a ball chair. Is this any more acceptable in the office? I am willing to give it a try:

These are all enticing; however, I think that the 2009 purchases are going to be much less exciting and much more practical. We are in need of a new mattress, a new water heater (it seems) and we have to pay our portion of an exorbitant medical bill we incurred when we had to bring Luz to the ER at the end of the summer. At least a girl can dream and justify at least one of the purchases on the list.

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Kitty Brown said...

It's fun to have a list, though. I feel your pain: we got home from NYC to discover that our Lucy had ripped all the shingles off of the side of the house where the dog run is, plus the motherboard in my laptop died. Merry Christmas! If you end up having to get a new hot water heater, let me know -- we just did that this summer.