Sunday, December 13, 2009

James, 11 Months

As you know, I have been just a little preoccupied with capturing the perfect photograph for our 2009 Christmas card. Understandably, the 9th came and went and I put off James' 11th month photo session. I was out of ideas about how to possibly capture this guy in light of the fact that he is never still for more than about 3 seconds at a time and I think I was sort of prolonging the inevitable in a last-ditch attempt to keep James from growing-up.

They aren't exactly what I had in mind but it was the only way to capture him and the month without sedating him:

James took a few steps at daycare last week. He is cruising and pulling up on everything and trying to climb and falling and slipping and banging his head. He is covered in bruises and has a fat lip. I guess this is just a small sign of what is coming up next. I can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Julie, he is growing so much. I feel like I haven't seen him enough. Can't wait to see him & Lucy and you and Chris soon.
Love to you all